Thursday, August 5, 2010

Nothing Could Disturb Me.. BSP Sharing by Velsankar

Though many people’s sharing inspired me a lot, there was not enough thrust to push me into the program. But these words of Sadhguru - “Most damage in this world is done out of good intentions, Once you experience another being as a part of you, whichever way you are, you will be fine; Bhava Spandana is one possibilty for that.. ” took me into BSP...

The first day, In fact I was afraid. I was not really involved with what’s happening there on the first day evening. On the second day, it was the first time in my life when I was able to be with “That usually really disturbing, unpleasant” thought without any pain. The feeling was literally like coming out of a cage. Though it was a teacher who conducted the program, I already started thanking Sadhguru for what happened to me. I was only trying to thank. But could not really thank. Tears were just flowing and there was a feeling like "It is good I came for this program"

Then in the same day evening, at one point All the pretensions I had till then were just removed one by one. There came a point when I just could not pretend anymore. Till that point in my life, love means only the feeling of missing somebody or something. But here this process delivered me into a state of emotion where I was just crying out of love. Nothing could disturb me. I was afraid my mind would bring this emotion down. But for the intensity of what was happening there, my mind actually almost disappeared. It could not disturb me at-least. The experience was so beautiful... so beautiful that I started regretting for the way I was living. When life could be so beautiful, all that I was doing just seemed stupid to me.

Those few beautiful moments had just changed the fundamentals within me. After coming back from BSP when I was sitting in an Inner Engineering program as a volunteer, the very teaching felt completely different within me. It was so overwhelming that I just wanted to touch the teacher's feet at the end of the session. The same is true with the practice. I would say I started tasting Shambavi only after my Bhava Spandana.


It was not me who was walking and climbing... Dhyanyatra Sharing by Abinaya

When i registered for Dhyanyatra, i was worried about the temperature and my stamina. I need jerkin even for Banglore weather.

But No words can ever explain the beauty of the snow-capped mountains of Badrinath, that too in a full moon night. It's still fresh in my memory. Not only about the beauty of the place, the kind of energy i felt there was amazing, particularly the trek to kedar was something that swept me off the feet. Physically i was tired and as we climbed, snow fall started and i could clearly sense it wasn't me who was walking. It felt like somebody was taking me. The experience of climbing Kedarnath was so overwhelming and the moment i reached there, i was so touched and broke down. It was a great privilege to climb Kedar. I could clearly feel that Sadhguru was with me in every step i took.

One thing that surprised me was in those places, even a few hours of sleep made me so fresh and i could manage the weather also. The mountains were wonderful and none of us wanted to come out those mountains.

One thing i could clearly understood from my dhyan yatra was, how much ever i physically prepare for these things the way i am within makes the difference. The whole trip was so wonderfully organised. It was fun and wonderful travelling with meditators . I am eagerly looking forward for my second Dhyanyatra.


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

THE Mountains still living with me.. - Dhyanyatra Sharing by Jana

"It has been one of the turning points of my life. The way I experience life changed from then...” Ever since I have been yearning to go there to be in those powerful places one more time.

Those 13 days in the mystic and enormously beautiful mountains, has been unique in several ways. Every moment, every look its impossible not to be overwhelmed by the beauty of what's surrounding me... be it the mountain cliff that sparkles gold from the first rays of sun... The ever-flowing Ganges in various tunes, curves, shapes and sound... the mountains in various flares, varied vegetation, different colours... Any one of this was sufficient to sweep me off my feet. It was a journey in silent admiration of how life is much bigger than me.

Like Sadhguru said in the sathsang in Uttarkashi:

"The reason why we take you to these kinds of places is, even if you do not understand anything... via the spaces energy and other kind of possibilities is that the body will imbibe and retain it.... Body has a very strong memory...
you may forget Himalayas, but the body will never forget." - Sadhguru

... several weeks after we came back, the mountains were with us. The impact of it is still there in different ways. "

- JANA, Volunteer, Isha Bangalore

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

BSP Sharing - A Glimpse on my True State of Being..

BSP happened to be my last left-out program which was needed for attending Samyama. That was the only reason which lead me to BSP registration. But i can clearly split my life into two.. Life Before BSP and Life After BSP. I was really hesitant to go, as I was having strong pre-judice about crying! I had seen only tears of suffering, hatred and had never experienced tears of love or gratitude till then..

As the program progressed.. all my resistant buildings which I had towards people,acts,things started loosening up, base of everything started getting shattered.. I was able to mingle with a lady of 75 years old, as easily, i will be with my college friend.. Those which i had gold platted as my biggest achievements like "Sitting in the last row of the class","Never take a mike in hand to speak", "Always go late to an event","Don't participate in anything but always mock up one who does" .. started breaking up. As it was going, i started feeling very light within myself. But with all these going in at 50% involvement, rest 50% was trying to make sense out of what was happening there, with my 21 year educated mind!!!

At one moment in the hall, i completely broke up and i found my mind was stumbling to find a reason for it .. and the first time tears started flowing out of me due to pain of ignorance. Front of my t-shirt was fully wet in tears and i found.. am missing something really basic in life. That moment was an eye-opener!

And the last day, till that point, I had always looked Sadhguru as the most intelligent, wittiest person i had seen in my life. But for the first time, i raised my head to look up with reverence and bowed down to him with tears of gratitude. When we were asked to share by Lalitha ma.. I said, "With 50% i have become like this.. So am definitely going to come back to BSP as a volunteer to throw myself with 100% involvement"

The Bus travel in which we returned back from Ashram was nothing but a grand "CELEBRATION" ..that too with such a mix and variety of ppl. Everyone left me with a loving nod.. and first time, i found that i was in a state of acceptance and joy where in people who don't even know my name were reciprocating the same love and joy.. I found the secret of unconditional happiness and joy :) and as i keep this ON within me.. where-ever I'm.. the place is full of joy, love and natural sense of sharing is there.. BSP has added the ONLY missing color to my life :)