Thursday, August 5, 2010

It was not me who was walking and climbing... Dhyanyatra Sharing by Abinaya

When i registered for Dhyanyatra, i was worried about the temperature and my stamina. I need jerkin even for Banglore weather.

But No words can ever explain the beauty of the snow-capped mountains of Badrinath, that too in a full moon night. It's still fresh in my memory. Not only about the beauty of the place, the kind of energy i felt there was amazing, particularly the trek to kedar was something that swept me off the feet. Physically i was tired and as we climbed, snow fall started and i could clearly sense it wasn't me who was walking. It felt like somebody was taking me. The experience of climbing Kedarnath was so overwhelming and the moment i reached there, i was so touched and broke down. It was a great privilege to climb Kedar. I could clearly feel that Sadhguru was with me in every step i took.

One thing that surprised me was in those places, even a few hours of sleep made me so fresh and i could manage the weather also. The mountains were wonderful and none of us wanted to come out those mountains.

One thing i could clearly understood from my dhyan yatra was, how much ever i physically prepare for these things the way i am within makes the difference. The whole trip was so wonderfully organised. It was fun and wonderful travelling with meditators . I am eagerly looking forward for my second Dhyanyatra.


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janar said...

"how much ever i physically prepare for these things the way i am within makes the difference"...

Now i know how you and Maa Ida were literally running all the way up till Gomukh.