Wednesday, August 4, 2010

THE Mountains still living with me.. - Dhyanyatra Sharing by Jana

"It has been one of the turning points of my life. The way I experience life changed from then...” Ever since I have been yearning to go there to be in those powerful places one more time.

Those 13 days in the mystic and enormously beautiful mountains, has been unique in several ways. Every moment, every look its impossible not to be overwhelmed by the beauty of what's surrounding me... be it the mountain cliff that sparkles gold from the first rays of sun... The ever-flowing Ganges in various tunes, curves, shapes and sound... the mountains in various flares, varied vegetation, different colours... Any one of this was sufficient to sweep me off my feet. It was a journey in silent admiration of how life is much bigger than me.

Like Sadhguru said in the sathsang in Uttarkashi:

"The reason why we take you to these kinds of places is, even if you do not understand anything... via the spaces energy and other kind of possibilities is that the body will imbibe and retain it.... Body has a very strong memory...
you may forget Himalayas, but the body will never forget." - Sadhguru

... several weeks after we came back, the mountains were with us. The impact of it is still there in different ways. "

- JANA, Volunteer, Isha Bangalore

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