Sunday, December 5, 2010

Isha - The journey to the inner world begins here

My experience with Isha:
I first heard Sadhguru on "Sanskriti TV". His speech was absolutely clear and piercingly logical. Sadhguru occurred to me at the lowest ebb of my life. Immediately I decided to do the Inner Engineering program the very next month.

The basic program with Isha Yoga is called Inner Engineering. This 7 day program was full of surprises for me. I was full of energy and enthusiasm throughout the week. I was probably one of the very few participants who would argue with the teacher when I found something being said was unacceptable to me.The classes made me think a lot. By the end of the class, I had already made up my mind to keep up with my practices no matter what happens.

I was so enamored by the program that I began volunteering for the subsequent classes. The volunteers looked even more interesting to me. They were doing everything with a sense of offering without whining. I tried to be like them but to my utter disbelief, I was getting more frustrated and irritated for the smallest of issues. Especially volunteering for the initiation class was a challenge for me. I could not believe the people sacrificed their Sundays to make this class happen for other people. And these were not some people somewhere from some Ashram, they were people like you and me who had a family of their own.

As I began volunteering more regularly, I began to notice significant difference in the way I react to situations and people around me. I observed that the more I involve my self into any activity, I became more joyous and more alive.

The homework during the program made me do all the stuff I hated to do. I began to talk to my father, with whom I had a fight and vowed never to talk to him unless it was absolutely necessary. I started to talk more sensibly to my sister with whom I shout at, if she does not listen to me. My lungs got cleared up after few months of practicing the Shambavi Maha Mudra. Now I am free from clogged nasal passage that gives me sound sleep. The thirty minute practice leaves me rejuvenated and fresh everyday.

There are many other experiences of the inner world that simply cannot be put in words. Isha has been the greatest gift of my life. For a person like Sadhguru and for the possibility that he is, I bow down.

Sadhguru in Bangalore:
Sadhguru is visiting Bangalore on 21, December 2010.
Venue: White Petals, Palace grounds near Mekhri circle, Bangalore-560006.
Time: 6.30 pm (Be seated by 6.15 pm) - Open to all.
Please visit:


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

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