Friday, October 29, 2010

Isha Vihdya Kiosk in Yahoo!

Since a long time i was wondering about the possibility of doing something in Yahoo! about Isha.. Ideally i wanted to do the Inner Engineering program.. somewhere it still remains a dream.

However, last week we managed to show case Isha Vidhya in Yahoo! It was a wonderful experience for many of us. One learning from the kiosk was that when you present the right cause, people do take it up. It was evident from new people expressing their keenness in various ways... Its often times evident that, its us, who need to present it right to them for them to respond to it. The number of people turned up and the actual donations to me were immaterial.

One thing about Isha, distinctly is that when i volunteer and take up something for Isha, I utterly feel inadequate. I can only think of things i could have done better. This works very well for me personally, though. Last week also was such... In the end, it gave me a glimpse of what i need to do.. a reminder that i just need to do what is needed for the situation.