Friday, July 30, 2010

One more step with ISHA - ISHA ANGA Sharing by Srinath

"Being touched so deeply by Isha, I always wanted to share my experience and spread the word about Isha among the people I know. The Ishaanga training helped me to present Isha to people very effectively. We visited a hospital run under Action for Rural Rejuvenation Project during the training. It was a very humbling experience when we met dedicated Isha volunteers who are serving the rural people. Being Ishaanga is a wonderful way to know more about Isha and involve ourselves more deeply with it."


Growing together through Sharing - ISHA ANGA Sharing by Allwar

"There happened many process; though it happened in joyful and funny way it went in minute level as well, so it gave me deep understanding of each and every step of taking Isha to people around us. After Ishaanga it was more clear to me in the class activities about importance of keeping ambiance the way it is been said by Sadhguru. Also I come to know many things to improve when other center volunteers shared their experiences which was very unique and rare learning to me. For example when one of volunteer from Goa shared how he managed to get intro session in a very resistant community and the teacher who gave intro shared her experience on the same."


Insight on Intricacies of ISHA - ISHA ANGA Sharing by Naveen

"The 5 day Ishanga Training helped me to understand the importance of every small aspect in Isha.
When we offer such a great possibility for a human being ,every little thing will hold a great amount of importance.We also have visited the Action for Rural Rejuvenation Hospital ,Which is a great experience to know more on how people involved in serving the rural people. Overall the 5 day training is a wonderful opportunity for people who wants to involve a little more with Isha."


From LIMPing to LIMB of ISHA - ISHA ANGA Sharing by Vijayan

"Ishaanga - Becoming the limb of Isha
I have been volunteering for more than 8 years. Though i want to take Isha to many people, when it comes to expressing i always failed. I was struggling to express my experiences. Ishaanga came as a gift and helped me in this. It trained me what to speak, what not to speak and how to speak. Besides I learnt a lot - from finding the venue, to organising the class, to winding up.

I also experienced a glimpse of being a teacher.

To be precise - i was LIMPing and Ishaanga made me walk efficiently and made me the LIMB of Isha."



Many thousands of years ago - after Adi Yogi Shiva first imparted Yoga to the Saptarishis, Agastya Muni who was one of the them, then came towards Southern India. He moved around to wherever there were people, and put this element of spirituality into them. He did this to such an extent that in South India, people often say “Agastya Muni came here, meditated here, he did this there”. Just by walking, all over this area, he planted the seeds of spirituality. And today, we are still reaping the benefits of his work.

We have a wonderful piece of the lineage with us now. As Sadhguru says, Isha means tremendous energy, it is the energy that rules over everything. But it needs limbs to travel and spread.

What you have received is priceless. Timeless.
Would you like to offer it to others?
Would you like to be the limbs of Isha?
Do you want to deepen your involvement with Isha and further your growth on this wonderful path?

Sadhguru has opened the possibility of being an Ishaanga- a limb of Isha.

This training is being made available to those who are willing.

Ishaanga training (English)
14th July to 18th July 2010
Isha Yoga Center, Coimbatore.

Those who registered for Ishaanga at the “In the Lap of the Master” or "Sadhguruvin sannadhiyil" Sathsang in April 2009 can attend the training. Otherwise to attend the training, you must have volunteered for three Isha yoga programs / Inner Engineering programs and volunteered for one Bhava Spandana program.

On the day of the program, registration will start from 6am in the morning and closes at 6pm in the evening. All the participants must have reached the ashram before 6pm in the evening. There will be an introductory session at 8.30pm on the first day.

For enquiries or to register for the training, please contact Abinaya - 09980998777.